Complete Shelving System for Your Vehicle Models

Panel shelving systemSmall service contractors need to have their tools and equipment immediately handy to be able to complete their jobs efficiently. It is important to have easy access to your tools at the right moment when you need them so you have to carry them with you to the job site. Most contractors opt to carry the tools of the trade in a work van for easy and quick access.

Professional grade shelving systems for your work vehicle or cargo van can prove to be highly beneficial for a number of reasons:

• It maximises the use of space in your work vehicle.
• Shelving systems can keep your tools organised and thus increase your work efficiency. Makes it easier to take stock of your tools and inventory.
• Your tools and equipment remain protected in the shelves and racks during transit.
• And of course, a professionally designed, customised shelving system for your vehicle model creates a great impression on your customers.

Bars N Racks based in Sydney’s northern suburbs are a premier supplier for complete shelving system for your vehicle models. Their tradesman gear consists of a fully adjustable shelving system known as rak-a-van to store all kinds of equipment in your cargo van or 4-wheel drive.

The rak-a-van is designed to fit in all types of cargo vehicles – large bays for larger vehicles like vans and short bays for smaller sized vehicles that may be used as work vans by some contractors. It makes use of all the small spaces in the vehicle by fitting storage shelves for odd-sized and small items.

Using the height of the vehicle and the adjusting ability of the rak-a-van, the shelves are fitted according to the contours of the vehicle leaving the aisle free for movement and easy access of the tools and equipment.

The rak-a-van complete shelving system introduced by Bars N Racks can be adjusted to suit a specific trading contractor. For example, some units of this shelving system are especially designed for plumbers and electricians where they are able to store small electrical or plumbing items. Easy access to the tools allows the contractor to work fast and efficiently completing the job in time.

Besides Van shelving systems for vehicles, Bars N Racks also supplies overhead racks, roof racks, roof storage systems, towing systems and various other vehicle accessories that will make your life easier when you take up the those long road trips. They also take up vehicle fit-outs, tinting of glass, caravan and RV services.

Visit to find out more about complete shelving systems for your car or work vehicle. You won’t be disappointed with the wide selection available and superior quality accessories that you can get simply with the click of a button.


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