Bars-n-racks – Customised Commercial Vehicle Fit-Outs

Vehicle fitoutAbout to start a new trade or want to reorganise the storage system inside your commercial vehicle? Bars-n-racks can help you with the best customised commercial vehicle fit outs at a very economical cost.

Whatever your trade – when on the job you should be able to easily find the tools you need because time is money and you and your staff cannot afford to be digging around for that elusive rubber washer nut or screw driver or whatever else you might need to get the job done.

Professional organisation of all your trade tools and equipment is important, especially in instances where your commercial vehicle is used day in and day out. An organised layout not only makes it easy to take stock of what you have and what you might need to replenish, it makes it very easy to find things quickly and finally; it impresses your customers. There’s something about a professionally and beautifully organised commercial vehicle – it instils confidence in your customer that you and your staff are professionals and will handle the job well.

Customised Commercial Vehicle Fit Outs is the Best Way to Increase Car Space

A Vehicle Fit-Out is the modern way to carry the tools of your trade with you. Just about every trade is covered and there are special bins, storage units, different types of nettings, false flooring, chemical storage sections with vapour containment, special roof racks for your ladder or other equipment too long to fit inside the vehicle, tow systems, tow carriages and so forth.

These systems differ from vehicle to vehicle and all major vans and trucks are covered. Every customised commercial vehicle fit-out is a ergonomic approach to vehicular storage. Vehicle fit outs is an highly engineered system of internally-installed storage decks, racks, cabinets etc. It is so cleverly and well done that if you are not familiar with it, you will be amazed as to how much can be stored in even in the smallest of commercial vehicles.

With customisation, bars-n-racks can configure internal storage for any vehicle. The internal storage will be unique to your particular trade craft. They can install custom-developed shelving and racks, drawers, pull-aways, water compartments, battery or generator compartments and even hidden compartments inside your vehicle. Customised commercial vehicle fit-outs cleverly increase you’re vehicle’s overall space capacity by creating unique storage solutions that keep things compact and well-organised.

Some of the options available at bars-n-racks include:

False Floor
Sealed Partition
Window Security Grills
Hot Wash Units
Interior Side Panels
Cargo Barriers
Alarm Systems
Roof Racks
Rear Step
Bull Bars
Side Steps
Safety Handles
Window Tinting
Reversing Cameras
Work Lights
Rhino Bars
Towing Hitches
Nudge Bars
LED Lighting
Reversing Sensors
Power Invertor
Dual Battery
Electrical GPO’s and,Electrical Brakes


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