4WD Fitouts for Commercial and Work Vehicles

4WD FitoutsClick here to see the kind of options that are available to either rectify the mess that is the interior of your commercial / work vehicle or, fitout your brand new 4WD to convert it into a more functional work vehicle – one that can handle anything you throw at it.

Let’s start with shelving and racking for your commercial or work vehicle
When it comes to shelving and racking, Sydney based Bars-n-racks not only has numerous options that could be ideal for your work vehicle, they will go a step further and custom-fit the shelving you select. Even if your profession requires something that is off the beaten path, Bars-n-racks will do whatever it takes so your commercial and professional requirement is fully met. The entire range of shelving and racking systems for commercial and work vehicles is fully adaptable for any trade and more importantly, any type of vehicle including 4WD’s which is more than what rival vehicle fitout workshops can offer.

Cargo barriers and partitions for your Commercial Vehicle or 4WD
All cargo barriers stocked at Bars-n-racks comply to AS/NZS4034.1:2008 Australian Standards. The cargo barriers and partitions stocked at Bars-n-racks provide optimum protection especially on uneven roads of the Australian outback or while driving up or downhill.

The cargo barrier ensures that the cargo and passenger areas is kept separate and secure. Alternatively, you might want merely want to segregate the cargo to ensure that they do not get mixed up during a bumpy ride. Bars-n-racks also has anti-vapour barriers or sealed barriers, that help restrict dangerous fumes and vapours entering passenger cabin area or mixing with other hazardous products that your trade might require you to carry.

These sealed barriers also helps insulate and sound proof the passenger area from any rattling that usually occurs when carry metallic tools of the trade.

Custom Walls and Flooring Fitouts for your 4WD or Commercial / Work vehicle
Bars-n-racks offers custom walls and flooring fitouts – the ultimate in total vehicle interior transformation. The extensive range of custom walls and flooring includes marine grade corrosive resistant carpet, commercial grade rubber matting, CD Ply, steel mesh, diamond decks etc. Bars-n-racks guarantees that the walls and flooring will be a perfect fit. They ensure this by first measuring the interior of your vehicle and then using a CNC router to carefully cut the wall or flooring to ensure a perfect fit.

Cargo Drawers for 4WD and Commercial Vehicle Fitouts
Very often professionals need to carry uniquely designed equipment. Bars-n-racks can design and install any kind of drawer you want so that the tools you need to store in it fit perfectly. They can build almost any configuration to your specifications and ensure it is a perfect fit. In fact, when Bars-n-racks installs cargo drawers in your vehicle you will feel as if it were part of the original new vehicle itself. The fit and finish is perfect and custom matched to your requirement.

So whatever type of Van Fitouts you might need – from new to redesign to repairs, bars-n-racks is the one-stop workshop for your 4WD and commercial vehicle fitout. Please visit http://www.barsnracks.com.au for more information and ready-to-use options for your 4WD and commercial vehicle.


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